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Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes

We can add a Magic Mirror, Open Photo Booth, GIF Booth, Selfie Wizard or an Instagram Printer to your event.

Whether its a product launch, a business anniversary, an awards evening or annual conference, we can offer a branded solution for you.

A Mosaic wall or a 360 video platform can be a real eye catcher.

We can add your event details to the photos or we can add your logos to the booth itself – whichever you prefer, or how about uploading the images directly to social media with your event’s hashtag?

Would you like your guests to be able to send their branded images direct to their phone so they can share them on their favourite social media platform – giving your brand more exposure? Or perhaps you want to use one of our photo booths to run a survey or capture data from your guests.  Talk to us today about your requirements.

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Brand Awareness

Giving away fully branded photo, perhaps with a discount code is a great way to spread the news about your brand.  

Why not offer a digital image for your guests to share on social media for a chance to win a prize?

Linked with a social media campaign a booth (or mirror) at an event can do wonders for your marketing ROI.

Trade Shows

When you are at a trade show you need to stand out from all the other exhibitors and encourage people to visit you.

A photobooth will not only grab peoples attention and give them a momento to tack away, it can also collect GDPR compliant data for post event marketing and generate content for sharing across social media.


Whether it is an 8ft high mosaic wall, a rotating 360 photo booth experience with fully branded backdrop or a gif booth with giant dental props, people will have a fantastic experience!

The more fun someone has the more they talk about your brand,

The more they talk about your brand, the greater the number of people who will visit your website and buy your product….

Black Ties & Social

Black tie, award and social nights aren’t just about those getting the awards, they are oppurtunities for the staff to get thother and enjoy themselves.

Adding a high quality photobooth, mirror, pod or even a 360 experience will have them talking about the event for months! It can also generate some fantastic content for your noticeboards and screen savers!

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Which booth will you choose?

Let’s Talk…

We know that each event is different, so let’s talk

We’ve done this for other clients and can not wait to become your brand ambassador…

Let us know a little bit about your event and our team will put together some ideas and then get on touch with you.

Use the form below, or call 0800 112 6070.