Imprint Digital Booth.

A small, social media ready pod with a videoscreen.

Make your party or wedding reception go with a bang by booking our Selfie Pod for your guests at your event. Our Selfie Pod Photobooths are a fun, flexible way to add some extra excitement to your event. Its small footprint means it will fit into the most intimate of venues, but still give your guests lots of entertainment and giggles. Ideal for corporate events with its Social Media sharing and lower costs. Fully branded options are also available!

Also great for weddings to entertain your guests and help to fill the “lull” between the afternoon and even entertainment. Available in white, rustic, light oak and our new “beach hut” finish. It’s fun, fast and easy to use. There is no waiting for prints etc – the photo is taken, delivered to the guest’s phone (ready to be shared on social media!) and then they start again! The virtual props are great fun!

Despite its smaller footprint it can still easily accomodate group shots and can be used with or without a backdrop. Its compact design makes it ideal for those smaller, intimate venues or even exhibition stands.

Did we say it also does boomerang style videos too?


  • A compact open booth with a tiny footprint, perfect for advertising and promotion
  • Versatile usage options and a small footprint make it ideal for an exhibition stand or other tight spaces
  • Flexibility with options for photos, GIFs, boomerangs and video
  • Can run competitions to increase customer engagement, or used for GDPR-compliant data collection and surveys
  • The lower screen can show a promotional or themed video to reinforce the client’s branding
  • Uses only industry-standard tech, from the top-of-the-line camera to the best-in-class software


  • Sharing to phones via QR codes, SMS, AirDrop or AI face recognition
  • Make a virtual green screen with AI background replacement
  • Fully branded microsite available for hosting all the images taken
  • Data capture and AI-based analytics to discover the demographics of your guests
  • Black and white filter options for that extra bit of glamour

Ideal Usage:

The Digital Booth is the ideal addition to an exhibition stand where it can provide branded photos for guests and also obtain marketing leads for the client. It is equally suited to any event where the guests want fun creating gifs, videos or boomerangs.


  • The base of the unit is approximately 450mm x 450mm
  • Guests stand one to two metres from the booth
  • Accompanied by 1 attendant
  • A single 13 amp plug socket is required

Branding Options:

  • All screens and outputs can be customised to match the brand or event colours and branding
  • Fully customised, branded microsite available of all the images taken
  • Booth is available to be fully-wrapped with the brand or event colours and branding

Call the team on 0800 112 6070 to see what we can add to your next event.