What is a Magic Selfie Mirror? 

Most people know what a Photobooth is, but not many people have seen, or used, a Magic Selfie Mirror. A photobooth is typical an enclosed space which comes in three styles.  They can require a space upto 2.5m x 2.5m in your venue. Magic Mirrors have been around for about 12 months and are becoming […]

History of the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth

OK, so an earlier post explained some of the differences between a Magic Mirror Selfie Booth and a Photobooth.  But where did the Magic Mirror come from and why? Talking mirrors have been around in cinema for many years since Disney’s Snow White and the seven dwarfs hit the big screen.  In Snow White, the […]

Isn’t a magic mirror just a photobooth without an enclosure? 

We get a lot of calls from people looking to hire a photobooth.  We explain that we don’t hire out traditional photobooths but that we provide Magic Mirrors and Photopods.  We then get asked if a  Magic Selfie Mirror is just like a photobooth without an enclosure? The answer is that it is much more than […]

Other terms for a Magic Mirror Selfie booth?

Whilst looking at the techie side of the website you can often see what people are searching for when looking for a Magic Mirror Selfie booth. It’s all to do with what we refer to things as.  We call our Magic Mirror just that – a magic mirror! If we don’t know, and understand, what […]