The early days

We are often asked why we started Imprint. After many years in the corporate world, as change was needed.

I have always been interested in all things tech, and take a lot of photos – I actually won a photographic competition many years ago and ran a photography club. This was back in the day of developer and fixer and buying 35mm film in bulk and winding it into 35mm cases!

We also like working with people.

So when the opportunity to acquire a small Magic Mirror arose, we did a lot of research, business planning and decided to give it a go!

With that, we were ready to enter the Photobooth and Magic Mirror Hire business. We made some mistakes along the way and quickly learned the does and don’ts of photobooth hire!

Since then we have further invested in an additional 2 magic mirrors, roaming photobooths, an open booth, a photopod, 2 selfie pods,a selfie wizard, a self-designed heartpod, a gif booth, a 360 spinner and a mosaic wall!

Our little business has also moved into the Corporate Events arena.

I wonder where the next few years will take our Photobooth and Magic Mirror Hire Business?